Donations with a Lasting Legacy

Named gifts (scholarships) are a meaningful way to help rabbis create an impact not only in today's generation, but also in future ones. They are also a way in which you, your family, and those for whom you care may be recognized in perpetuity. Your name, company's name, or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize can be appropriately recognized.

We are committed to allow every rabbi to study with us, regardless of his economic situation. A special effort is being done in helping Latin American rabbis, that due to the difficult economic situation in their countries (especially Argentina) are not able to pay their tuition.

Once you make your donation, we will let you know the name(s) of the rabbi(s), (as well as their country and community), who will be trained thanks to your generous gift. 

Available to you, should you wish to review it, is the waiting list that we presently have with the names of the rabbis and rabaniot who cannot affort their studies and are waiting for a scholarship opportunity.



Consider making a gift today


1 Scholarship for a rabbi - $1000

 2 Scholarships, 2 rabbis  - $2000

 5 Scholarships, 5 rabbis  - $5000


9 Scholarships, 9 rabbis - $9000

For any other amount and to specify how you wish your donation to be named, please contact our offices
by phone  +972 - 52 - 4498113
or via email